STUDIO – Johannes Biegl – drummer – teacher – musical director – Ableton operator


You can book me for a studio session wired or in presence in your own studio.  

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We will set up a proper zoom call where I´m going to play the song with my ideas. Afterwards we can discuss everything, play around with your and mine ideas till we found the right drumpart.

It depends on the project and on my time schedule. Usually I need something between 3 & 10 workdays to finish a song. 

I offer a beautiful acoustic drum sound and a range of snares. These are 100% pure acoustic sounds recorded by me with no triggering or samples. Please also check the equipment page for more infos.

Yes, it includes 100% ownership and you can use the drum track as you please. 

Absolutely. I´m able to film myself with up to 6 cameras simultaneously. 

Yes, just send me the sheet music.

You Get the following:

  • 12 – 16 processed AND unprocessed drum tracks; both aligned and with cutted tom tracks 
  • a mixed drum stem 
  • a mixdown with your track

In most cases yes, but I’ll need to hear the song first to let you know.

The final audio file(s) I send will be wav in 44.1/24 bit. Before sending these final delivery files, I generally send an mp3 preview first to make sure that my drum performance is all good. Once I have confirmation from you that the drum parts are perfect, then I will send the wav file(s) via WeTransfer.

Yes, I have lots of experience writing drum parts to fit the song I’m tracking. Writing drum parts is one of my favorite things about being a session drummer. 99% of my customers let me write the drumparts and are totally happy with it!